At its foundation the name of the company was specifically selected as the common term CEO, used to define the highest managerial position in corporate companies. Besides brand value, the reason behind choosing such a name is because company principles reflected to customers are defined by qualities expected by every CEO ;


1.    Reliability: Default customer expectation.
2.    Competitiveness: Offer competitive prices in relation to other companies. 
3.    Effective communication: Good communication to optimally comprehend customer expectations. 
4.    Time management: We know how valuable time is for our customers. 
5.    Passionate for work: We love what we do.
6.    Proud: We are proud of our work.


CEO currently serves several domestic and multinational companies. We are dedicated to provide impeccable organisations and share our expertise. A company that believes in teamwork and strives to practice good conduct, CEO is keen to make a difference to your meetings and organisations by incorporating all its experience and know-how.


At every event and organisation CEO Tourism provides perfect solutions, custom maid in accordance with every detail expected by our customers.


Our services include national and international congress and conferences, symposiums, domestic and foreign dealer meetings, custom made organisations, product launching receptions, inauguration and groundbreaking ceremonies, weddings, picnics, themed activities and invitations. 



Our Mission
CEO Tourism is an outstanding establishment serving its clients by developing solutions consistent with their requirements through the process of continued on the job training for its employees emphasizing customer satisfaction by providing state of the art service to assure continued successs an institutional tradition without comprimising ethical values of the ever changing business environment.



Our Vision
To be a model company with a positive thought power, productive structure and smiling face at the international level with corporate identity.



Basic Intengibles

• Perfection
• Confidence
• Creativity
• Geniality
• Readiness
• Teamwork
• Efficiency
• Technicality
• Modernity

CEO Tourism, for health tourism is the owner of the website.